September 12

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

Yesterday, we remembered the horrible attacks of 9/11. Today, though, is September 12, 2013. Twelve years after the day after 9/11. You might remember that today was the day flags were flown everywhere. We all came together as one. We were Americans to the fullest.

Today, we find ourselves sharply divided. Republicans/Democrats, conservatives/liberals, pro same-sex marriage/pro traditional-marriage, pro life/pro choice, those who think we should attack Syria/Those who think we should not, and on and on and on...

It is important to remember that spirit we had on that day 12 years ago, that spirit that said “We may have our differences, but we are all Americans and united we stand.”

I am a firm believer that God can work wonders out of tragedy and despair. Through the 9/11 attacks He taught us the importance of community and unity. He taught us to love one another, as we love ourselves. He taught us to be less selfish and more selfless.

Here is one of my favorite stories of the generosity of all those who volunteered in the wake of that horrible day. This is Kevin Conroy’s tale of his experience working as a cook in a cafeteria for the volunteers following 9/11.

Alex HeyComment