Eugène de mazenod: A Saint for Today

Eugène de Mazenod: A Saint for Today is a book authored by Catholic writer A.R. Hey, currently seeking publication.


This book covers the life of Saint Eugène de Mazenod and why the world desperately needs to hear his message. Very few books have been written on Saint Eugène's life, and most (if not all) of the books that have been written about him are out of print. This particular look at his life is unique in that it focuses more on his earlier years than previous books have done and it also stresses the importance of seeking Saint Eugène's intercession in the modern world, especially for young people, families going through times of crisis and struggle, and priests.

The audio file above is a presentation I gave to my parish's chapter of the Dead Theologians Society, a group of high school and college-aged kids who study the lives of the Saints.

The audio file above is a presentation I gave to the local chapter of the Sierra Club, a group dedicated to promoting vocations.


For more information on Saint Eugène de Mazenod, please visit this book's Facebook Page


Author Alex R. Hey gives a look inside his private prayer journal by sharing various poems he has written in them between 2012 and 2017. You might like them; you might not. You might find them inspiring; you might not.

Release Date: June 12, 2017

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