Eugène de mazenod: A Saint for Today



Born into a noble French family just before the French Revolution and thrust into exile at a young, Saint Eugène de Mazenod knew both wealth and poverty. In exile, his family moved from one Italian city to another and was ripped apart due to his parents' divorce. Eugène's faith life both flourished and sputtered in Italy. When he returned to his native France, he spiraled downwards into a spiritual crisis as he pondered his place in the world. Through God's grace, Eugène rediscovered his faith and followed God's will for him to become a priest dedicated to serving the most abandoned, to found the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and to become bishop of Marseilles.

Pope Saint John Paul II said of him, 'Eugène de Mazenod was one of those apostles who prepared the modern times, our times...His influence is not limited to the times in which he lived, but continues even in our time.'Saint Eugène refused to let the pains of his youth stop him from realizing the Lord’s plan for him, and the problems he faced as an adult could not stop him from carrying out his ministry. All who feel abandoned can look to Saint Eugène and his example of not being defined by the struggles he endured.


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The audio file above is a presentation I gave to my parish's chapter of the Dead Theologians Society, a group of high school and college-aged kids who study the lives of the Saints.

The audio file above is a presentation I gave to the local chapter of the Sierra Club, a group dedicated to promoting vocations.



Author Alex R. Hey gives a look inside his private prayer journal by sharing various poems he has written in them between 2012 and 2017. You might like them; you might not. You might find them inspiring; you might not.

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