Magnussen, You Little Prick...

No major spoilers in this one…….No overly bold theories either. Just something to note……

Charles Augustus Magnussen is an annoying little prick. We see him do all sorts of outrageous and crude things in his episode (peeing in Sherlock’s fireplace, eating Sherlock’s olive then washing his hands in his water, etc.), but I noticed something he did during Watson’s wedding.

One of the telegrams was from someone named Cam….or rather CAM……C.A.M…….Charles Augustus Magnussen. The note read: “Wish your family could have seen this.”

This could mean one (or possibly more of the following things):

1.) CAM wanted to taunt Mary by saying “Ha ha! Your family is dead!”…..That is assuming her family actually is dead.
2.) If Mary’s family is alive, CAM perhaps wanted to say, “Ha ha! Your career as an assassin means you’ll never see your family again!”.
3.) It means nothing other than “I’m still watching you.” That is assuming CAM had been watching her and she knew that.
4.) Or perhaps she didn’t know CAM was watching her, but thanks to this message she knows now.
5.) Something else that I have thought about.
6.) All of the above!

#1 and #2 are the ones that make him look like a prick the most. Regardless of his intentions, CAM was definitely taunting Mary.

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