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Introducing: my new blog on the epic BBC TV show Sherlock!

On New Year’s Eve I posted this post on Sherlock on my PERSONAL Tumblr account.

I really enjoyed preparing to write and actually writing that post. However, it was a lot of work. So, rather than take the next two years to write an expansive blog post on Sherlock through the first three seasons, I will write multiple posts about Sherlock. I decided to not CONTINUE to post Sherlock blog posts on my PERSONAL Tumblr account mixed in with posts about my beliefs on politics, theology, et cetera. Therefore, I have decided to start a blog specifically for Sherlock, in case any hard-core Sherlock fans want follow my posts without sifting through my other posts with which they might strongly disagree.


1.) You (the reader) must watch all Sherlock episodes that have aired. This will be the only post in which I will not post MASSIVE spoilers. I will not be held responsible for you finding out that ^@%! $#**!$ $##%!*&& (<—- I actually intended those symbols to means something. Props to anyone who can figure it out.) My posts will also encompass ideas spanning all episodes that have aired, so it is imperative to have seen all of the episodes (preferably multiple times), so as to better understand them.

2.) I will not be held to any regular posting patterns. I will post ideas as they come to me and develop. I will not risk quality for the sake of timeliness.

3.) I will cease posting once the first episode of a season (see #6 below) airs until after the final episode of the season airs.

4.) It will be your responsibility to avoid this blog until you are all caught up.

5.) Don’t reveal spoilers to your friends/family/acquaintances/enemies. That really hasn’t anything to do with this blog, but it’s just common courtesy.

6.) I am American and will be referring to it as a season not a series. I’m not an American-supremicist; I just find using the American term more comfortable.

7.) I will not edit these posts to correct anything I have gotten wrong. I want my thought process to be a matter of public record. I will, however, edit to correct grammar, spelling, or to clarify what I mean.

8,) I will admit when I am wrong. It is about the pursuit of truth, not being the one that is right. Furthermore, you will not gloat if you prove me wrong.

9.) You are encouraged to post comments, and I will read them if I can/want to do so. I will not promise to read them, but I am very interested in the “dialogue of speculation” that this show produces.

10.) I will never call The Woman by her name.

11.) I’m not going to produce theory after theory about how Sherlock faked his death. As John Watson said in S3E1,

"I don’t care how you did it. I want to know why."

That’s not to say I won’t disprove a theory here and there, but let’s use what has happened to explain what really is happening, why it happened, and what might happen in the future. In the grand scheme of things, how isn’t important (I may dedicate an entire post to that idea, but I won’t be held to that.)


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