Ms. Moriarty

By now, I have come to the conclusion that Jim Moriarty is dead. As Steven Moffat has said more than once, you cannot fake shooting yourself in the face. So, the question remains: Who plastered Jim Moriarty face all over Britain's televisions?

At the end of "The Great Game", the museum curator says, "No one sees [Moriarty's] face." Sherlock has seen Jim Moriarty's face, and the entire world saw his face during the trial. Why put himself out there? He does not get his hands dirty. This is a break from his pattern. But what if he did not actually break his pattern?

 I have previously discussed the canonical brother of Professor James Moriarty, Colonel James Moriarty. I am not the only person who has proposed a Moriarty twin theory, but I would like to explore a potential twist on that theory. 

When Moriarty plays with Sherlock in the great game, the first writing on the envelope containing the pink phone was written by a woman.

Changing a character's gender is nothing new to Sherlock. In the very first episode, John Watson's brother is switched to a woman. 

So, what if Colonel James Moriarty is being portrayed as a Ms. Moriarty?