An Open Letter to NFL Cheerleaders

NOVEMBER 11, 2012

Dear enemies of true Feminism,

You need to have respect for yourselves. Do you realize that nobody cares about you? Yes, you get a lot of attention, but I liken that to the same kind of attention I give to a 12 ounce ribeye. Men (actually boys would be a better description for these males) at the games salivate over you like a piece of meat. They don’t care when the program states that your favorite TV show is Friends in the weekly article about the “featured cheerleader”. These boys only care about how curvaceous your body is. They don’t care if you’re a good dancer; they just want to see your body move. They don’t care what your name is. You are just “that blonde over there” to them. Your personality is irrelevant to them. They only want to take a picture with you so they can go back to their friends and brag about “the hot cheerleader” with whom they got their picture taken. When showing these pictures off, they don’t mention your name. I doubt they even know it.

Today at the Vikings-Lions game, I heard a man and what I assumed was his girlfriend (who also did serious damage to the Feminism movement) discussing the flatness or fleshiness of your “@$$3$.” A drunken male a few rows behind me was similarly spewing out any lustful thought that came to his immature and alcohol-saturated mind. You are being viewed by these individuals much in the same way judges view the contestants at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

Furthermore, the pornographic military uniforms you wore today are an insult to the members of my family and all those who have served in our nation’s military, defending your right to parade around like prized toy poodle.

I’ve heard it said that “dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure—you get a lot of attention, mostly from pigs.” If you want to attract a man who will care about you as a person and is attracted to your personality first and foremost, then put some clothes on (real clothes, not your underwear) and get a real job.

An NFL fan who goes to the game to watch the game and is sick and tired of you demeaning yourselves

Alex Hey1 Comment