St. Patrick’s Day Rant 2012

I posted this on Facebook and Twitter March 17, 2012:

Today I wear BLUE in honor of St. Patrick……but Alex, WHY???…..Well here’s today’s fun fact for you: St. Patrick was Scottish!…………and blue is the color of the Scottish flag. St. Patrick was the Bishop of Ireland and converted many to Catholicism. Today, we celebrate the advances St. Patrick made in the Church in the pagan country of Ireland. Today, we do not celebrate Irish heritage or alcohol; we celebrate St. Patrick, the man. Should I as a person of German, Norwegian, and French heritage should I get drunk and celebrate my German heritage every June 5, the feast day of St. Boniface, patron saint of Germany? Or on July 29, the feast day of St. Olaf II, patron saint of Norway? Or on October 1, the feast day St. Thérèse of Lisieux, patron saint of France? No! Obviously not, but for some reason that is acceptable for St. Patrick’s feast day. And to those of you who celebrate this day and are not Catholic, I say this: I do not mind that you celebrate this day. I would prefer it if you would do so in the proper way (i.e. not getting wasted) and if you are going to celebrate this great day for Catholicism, I would like you to join me in standing up for our rights and beliefs, specifically relating to the HHS mandate……………………..That is all

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