Why Bring a Child into This World?: Commentary on Project Sunlight

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Whilst preparing to watch a YouTube video I was un-shockingly faced with an ad. I was given the option of skipping the ad after 5 seconds, but in that five seconds, I decided to watch the entire ad, despite the ad being over 4 minutes long. The reason I watched it was the title. It was titled: “Why Bring a child into this world?”. The video began by showing soon-to-be parents describing their fears about bringing a child into this world. Then these parents watched a video explaining the bright future for the world with the more widespread availability of clean water, food, healthcare, etc. Many of the parents were emotionally moved by the video.

This ad intrigued me because “Why bring a child into this world?” is sometimes used as a justification for abortion, birth control, and population control. This video, while not expressly intending to do so, proved that argument invalid. The fact of the matter is bringing life into the world is beautiful, and with the future so bright, why would anyone want to prevent life? All life is precious.

Alex HeyComment